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I have level 20 Searing Artila, but they have 0% to hit when I fight against the shades in the Crystal Caverns. So, I Bless them, but, same percentage...I have the same problem fighting the Sharon's Experimental Vlish.

I play a "blessing" Shaper, with no weapons skills, just...blessing magic. What can I do?

I've put some skill points in Battle Magic, but my hit percentage is really poor...


Please, people, help me! I think my Shaper is really weak, where can I put my points?

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I'm level 17, and have 10 points in Intelligence, who gives me 186 essence pts, but of course, it's never enough.

Do you play with a few powerfull creations (like 2 boosted cryoras), or with a lot of smaller ones?

I play with 4 thads, 2 searing artilas, and 1 cryora, all with just 2 points in intelligence. I find the game really difficult!

I understand pretty well the Avernum system, but I don't get the Geneforge's one...

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The FAQ of Geneforge 2 is sweet.


NAME         TO HIT         TO AVOIDFyora         (0)             (0)Roamer        (+10)           (0)Drayk         (+90)           (0)Drakon        (+65)           (0)Cryoa         (+20)           (0)Cryodrayk     (+100)          (0)Ur-Drakon     (+65)           (0)---Thahd         (+5)            (0)Clawbug       (+10)           (0)Battle Alpha  (+25)           (+10)Rotghroth     (+60)           (0)Thahd Shade   (0)             (+20)Plated Bug    (-10)           (0)   Worse chance to hit than FyoraBattle Beta   (+25)           (+10)Rotdhizon     (+60)           (0)---Artila        (+10)           (0)Vlish         (+25)           (+10)Glahk         (+40)           (0)Gazer         (+70)           (+20)Searing Artila(0)             (+10)Terror Vlish  (0)             (+10)Ur-Glahk      (+40)           (0)Eyebeast      (Auto)          (+20)
As can be seen, a Searing Artila hits even worse than a normal Artila. For better percentage, try Cryoas, and especially Vlish. You'll also save a good deal of skill points.


EDIT: The base percentage (0) is that of the Fyora.

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