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Screenmodes in Nethergate Res

Mr Pras

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Great games!! But hey, I can't find a way of running the game in windowed mode - the forced fullscreen mode is strange to my drivers also it wastes most of my screen and I like to do lots at once.


If there is no windowed mode, I'd really like to request one in an update - unless of course i'm the only person affected by it tongue

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A peculiarity of this engine (found in all games using it except the original Nethergate, which had a menu bar, and Avernum 3, which had an Options button on the main screen, is that you can't change the settings unless actually playing a game. Once in the game, press the floppy disk button on the bottom left, select Preferences, and deselect the checkbox that says "Play in full screen window." It is important to note that while the game no longer takes up the whole screen, it is not in a window that you can move around the screen. It just takes up an 800x600 spot in the center of the screen.

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