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Avernum 3: Having trouble completing New Formello murder quest

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Not sure if I'm missing something obvious here:


1. I got the quest from Anaximander to investigate the murders

2. I went to New Formello, spoke to Flanagan, he told me to go to the cave

3. I go to the cave, make it all the way to the end, grab the twisted key

4. ??


I spoke to Flanagan again, I can show him the key, he says 'show it to Anaximander', but Anaximander has no conversation choices I can see to show him the key - just the original request to go talk to Flanagan. Meanwhile I can show Flanagan the key again every time the conversation choices reset


Is there some other step here I'm supposed to take? I can't find anyone else talking about this, or anything more complicated than 'get the key' in guides online, so half wondering if it's a bug of some sort


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Yeah, as long as the key is in your special items inventory you should be fine.  You'll be dragging it all over the continent for quite a while.


Maybe try showing it to that mage in Ft Emergence, (B something?) the one on the right that you show other evidence to

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