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Feature Request (A4 Engine)


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I like that you can click on the space you want and have the character go there -- much MUCH more than the "directional" mouse system...


except, it's very very hard to click the space directly "NW" of a character. Not a problem, I'll just use the keyboard to tweak myself diagonally one...


...except I'm using a laptop, aie.


Thus my feature request: some kind of laptop key system for people who don't have diagonals smile

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I've never had any problems clicking northwest, but I also haven't had to rely on precise clicking much. Although I do have a laptop, it spends most of its time planted on a desk with a full keyboard hooked up. In addition to the convenience of a numeric keypad for Avernum, it's much easier to type anything with a full keyboard.


—Alorael, who considers it an advancement that A4 doesn't move you two spaces when you click once. It could be worse!

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