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"Rough Diamond" super secret item in Avernum 3

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In a playthrough of the previous edition of Avernum 3 some years ago, I was searching an area in an early stage of the game. I started checking every item in A3 because the the Xian items, that look otherwise just like normal non-valuable items, and ended up finding this rough diamond. There was the usual rubble and scrap, and one item that had the same icon as a rock. You know, the basic rock that you find all over Avernum? Except when I held the mouse over the icon, it was labeled "rough diamond," and it was worth a ton of gold.

I have no recollection of exactly where I picked this up, so I can't reproduce it. But in searching the archives and discussions online of A3, I have never seen anyone else mention this rough diamond. Is this a super secret easter egg? Mr. Vogel, am I imagining things? Or is this item real? Did I find the most secret item in the game? I don't need an award or anything, I just want verification that I didn't make this up.

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