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  1. At the northern boundary of the map of Guhkbar's Pit in the Krizsan Province, you can just barely see a corpse on a ledge across some water. I've searched everywhere for a secret button to open a path to the ledge, but I can't find one. I did find an odd dead-end secret passage to the east in a garbage pit, but otherwise I can't figure out how to get to that dead body, to desecrate it by looting it. Any tips? Or is this one of those parts of the game you just can't ever solve?
  2. In a playthrough of the previous edition of Avernum 3 some years ago, I was searching an area in an early stage of the game. I started checking every item in A3 because the the Xian items, that look otherwise just like normal non-valuable items, and ended up finding this rough diamond. There was the usual rubble and scrap, and one item that had the same icon as a rock. You know, the basic rock that you find all over Avernum? Except when I held the mouse over the icon, it was labeled "rough diamond," and it was worth a ton of gold. I have no recollection of exactly where I picked this up, so I can't reproduce it. But in searching the archives and discussions online of A3, I have never seen anyone else mention this rough diamond. Is this a super secret easter egg? Mr. Vogel, am I imagining things? Or is this item real? Did I find the most secret item in the game? I don't need an award or anything, I just want verification that I didn't make this up.
  3. Whoot! I can't wait to get off work and look for that! (And to turn up the monitor.) Thanks!
  4. I feel the fool even posting this, but I'm totally stymied. I can't get past the portcullis into the last room of Rentar's keep. I've got _two_ copies of the curved crystal key, and I've gone up and down and all around the map, finishing up every last outstanding quest (except the untranslated scrolls, and those damn iron bars,) I've reexplored almost every screen, and I don't know what I'm missing. (I can't get into the Abyss, either, but I understand from perusing these boards that I need to pass through the keep once first...?) (I'm sure once I get home and try again, I'll see something painfully obvious, like the last time I posted here with a problem beating someone in A3, and realized that I had unequipped all my weapons. Doy...)
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