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Is the soundtrack available for download?

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Unfortunately, it isn't directly available for download. Nethergate's sounds are "baked in" to its executable, and I'm not sure how possible it'd be to extract the music from it.


The music was composed by Bjørn Arild Lynne, a prolific composer for video games (Avernum 4 and Geneforge 4 also use tracks he composed for their title screen music), and the track was probably licensed by Spiderweb rather than commissioned for the game specifically. If you really want to track down the track in question, the best course of action would probably be contacting either him (here's his Facebook page- his standalone website seems to have gone down in the past few months) or Spiderweb (contact page here) and asking them about it.

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I found the song on spotify. Its called "Under the Bard's Tree" from a 2004 album "Return to Witchwood". Its mostly the same base melody but in a very expanded version. Im posting the link here for anyone interested. 


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