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Monster HP doubling?


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Played over a thousand hours of Exile series back in the day, so happy when Bladesofexile.com posted a fix for modern computers with OTVDM. 


Suddenly while playing I notice Goblins aren't dying easily, in fact every monster seems tougher. After hours of continuing to play with this feeling I check scrying monsters and all monsters now have double HP? Goblins have 20, Goblin Fighters have 44, etc.

I start a new game and scry a Goblin, 10hp.


I go back to my save file and try to figure out what's going on, after trying a few things I delete one of my PCs and the monster health drop back down to normal levels? I re-load and delete all my PCs, deleting any one seems to fix the problem. I don't remember any kind of monster scaling with player levels before but can't figure what else is going on. Anyone have any clues? For context, playing VotDT and my current PC levels are as follows: 11, 10, 12, 12, 10, 10

(No, Make Game Easier is not selected in Preferences, that was the first thing I thought of)


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Hello and welcome!


This happens if your total party level is higher than the Recommended Party Level set for the scenario.  It can actually affect a few stats beyond HP, too.  I don't remember exactly how much higher you have to be for it to trigger, but it does keep scaling up if you go dramatically higher.

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