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Looking Back (After Completion)

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Nearly a decade ago, I took a chance and bought Avadon 1 in the Google Play store. It thrilled me to such a degree that, shortly thereafter, I purchased Spiderweb's only other Android offering to date, Avernum: EftP. I found these games so addictive that I eventually downloaded Avernum: CS on my old desktop. The thrill returned and I was again in my element. That was 2016.


Then life got in the way. Years lapsed. But, I never forgot about Spiderweb and the lovely tapestry of adventure woven by its developer. I knew it was only a matter of time before I once again found myself exploring new dungeons, meeting eccentric townfolk, and crushing monsters with newfound talents and items.


This past summer turned out to be that time. And, although some of Jeff's newer titles looked appealing (I'm doing G:M next), the pull of closure in the most recent Avernum series proved too much. So, over the past month, I clawed my way up from the dank caverns of the underworld to become the savior of Valorim. I loved every moment of it.


There were some things I found somewhat annoying, however. In general, I was underwhelmed by how little incentive there was to use shields. There are some cool ones, but the cost to damage output almost never was worth the benefit(s) they provided. I also found the amount of quests whereby a substantial amount of walking to and from various points to be tedious. Almost like they were designed to take as much time as possible to complete. Kind of irksome, but not intolerable. 


My two biggest gripes were that I inadvertently angered multiple towns (thereby preventing me from purchasing their goodies) by defending myself from an Empire attack, and being unaware that certain items became unavailable due to events that unfolded during the story. 


I'm a completionist by nature. And, by not having all available magical items upon conclusion, the victory felt diminished somewhat. I did eventually enter a cheat code to make those towns friendly. But, If I were to have another go, I'd buy the Deadeye Chainmail in the Tower of the Magi when I had the chance. Also, two girdles became unavailable by the time I realized where they were and who provided them. These were disappointing, but did not prevent me from enjoying the game.


To Jeff's credit, there were a few instances that I either did not trigger an event, or presumably ran into bugs not acquiring certain items, but found additional copies of that item elsewhere. (I'm looking at you, mithril.) If only those girdles and chain mail could by found other places, I could have rounded out my collection. 


Minor criticisms, no doubt. Overall I enjoyed the ride. Thank you, Mr. Developer for once again engrossing me in your fantastic worlds. I duly appreciate it. 

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