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A3: Can't find mirrors in Filth Factory

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Hi all,


I got stuck in the filth factory, having explored the whole map and not finding any way through the laser beams (no more levers to pull or secret passages).


Not knowing what to do, I looked up a couple of guides and noticed that in one of the rooms near the Basilisk, there should be some mirrors which can be used to reflect the beams and allow progression.  However, I have searched high and low for these, in both that location and around the map, and can find nothing.  Perhaps there is a bug in my version.


Am I stuck?  Or am I able to source regular mirrors from the various junk sellers around, and use those?


I could just move on from Filth Factory and complete the game without defeating it, but I've always been an Avernum/Exile maximalist - I like to complete everything before moving on!


Appreciate any advice offered.



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The mirrors on the upper level are down near the basilisk ... however that isn't the way that you get through the main 'zap you into a fine mist' series of laser beams.  Those mirrors are just to direct/redirect the beams to get to some (decent) supplies.  Regular mirrors from stores won't do anything.


You need to figure out how to turn off the multiple beams elsewhere



which is done further up north on the map.   There's a spot where you can only send one character into a teleporter. Before doing so though, make sure that you've done everything you want/can do up on the upper level as you can't go back once you progress a bit (this would be a good point to save the game in a separate slot...).  After the expected battles, you get to a control room where the beams can be shut down for a little while.  Go rejoin the party & head over to where the beams are & they should be shut off. 


Welcome, I hope that helped


(also, at the top of every game forum is a 'Strategy Central' for each game - lots of good info/answers up there if you get stuck again (and LOTS of spoilers...so...).  Not that I mind trying to remember what to do/tell you, but you don't have to sit around waiting for someone to stop by & help/answer your question)

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Thank you TriRodent.  I have completed Exile III many times on Mac OS9, and doing the re-run on A3 which I'm thoroughly enjoying.  So no spoilers for me, I already know it all from E3! :)


I managed to find the Teleporter, I missed one of the doors!  Quest completed :)


Thanks again for your help.

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