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Suggestion: Improving the feeling of exploration

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I remember the feeling of the world feeling vast and dangerous when playing the first game of the Avernum trilogy (2000-2002). Some towers were pretty terrifying to reach since the lore depicted them as forbidden places, and you had no idea how long you had to explore Ogre territory to get to them.


The addition of the world map where you see quest destinations right off the bat ruined this for me when playing the 2011 remake of Avernum 1. Just knowing the exact distance to travel and getting the exact location of these mythical/lost/forbidden locations on the map was enough to change the whole feeling.


If the trilogy is remade again or updated, I'd suggest providing a "smarter" world map that starts fully obscured and that you uncover as you go, and that only provides the general direction, not the location, of quest locations you've heard of but are still in unexplored areas of the map.


There should probably also be a toggle for the fast travel, or at least a way to disable it completely when starting a game, as it felt quite out of place - too high tech for Avernum, not in sync with the lore and the living conditions.

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10 hours ago, CaveSquirrel said:

If the trilogy is remade again or updated

I wouldn't expect that. It's already on it's third go around (Exile, A1, A1EFtP) & Jeff has indicated here & there that he wants to work on remaking the Geneforge saga and finishing off the Queen's Wish trilogy & then probably call it a career (as you're new here you may not realize that Spiderweb is just one guy up in Seattle...).  So the Avernum saga has probably reached it's end (although there are constant rumors of a prequel with the Empire discovering it & exploring therein - if anything is ever done in that universe again, that may be it (or a remake of A4 & 5, that would be cool)).


He's also over the years tried to make things easier for the casual gamer which is probably where the idea of quest locations came from.  So that probably won't change.  However a toggle switch to turn that ability off (or have it completely disabled on the higher difficulties) is a pretty good idea & easy to implement if/when it ever comes up again

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