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Weapon sounds?


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I was fiddling around with the editor trying to create custom items.

I've been trying to create a weapon with a specific sound effect.

But going through the documentation I can't seem to find anything related to sounds in custom items.

I've tried looking at items from other scenarios as well. I can change the sound by changing the weapon skill

used. But in other cases items using the same weapon skill have different sounds.

I'm confused here. Can anyone elucidate this?

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I think the same thing too, that weapon sounds - for both swords and spears, the thudding noises are for lower skill level weapons, and the steel-like hitting noises are for the higher skill level weapons... or maybe they're based on damage? I'm quite sure that they're at least not based on whether the weapons are one-handed or two-handed.


What's even weirder is that BoA started this distinction out of nowhere (Avernum 1,2 and 3 don't have it), which then later got carried over to Nethergate: Resurrection.

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