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Problem opening BoA scenarios


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The game is Blades of Avernum for Windows, version 1.0.3. I'm running it on HP Pavilion dv5224nr Entertainment Notebook PC with Turion 64.

I have been able to download all of the currently available BoA scenarios and play them except for the following 3:

'Kill Prize, Win Ogre', 'Roses of Reckoning', and 'A Visit to the Madhouse'.

I have downloaded these 3 from different links from different websites, including the individual authors sites. Each time I try to open these 3 scenarios I get an error message that says:



Blades of Avernum was not able to find a

scenario in he 'Blades of Avernum Scenario'

folder. If you have moved a scenario you

were playing out of the folder, you should

put it back. If you just created a new

party, the Tutorial scenario is missing.

You can still use your new party in the

other scenarios.


I have downloaded all of the scenarios, including these 3, the same way. I didn't move anything out of anywhere to anywhere, or try to start playing these before finishing the previous one. And I was trying to open them with a party that I have already won dozens of scenarios with.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the whole game 2 or 3 times, though I didn't do this with every single scenario. The last thing I have done is to uninstall the whole game, and then downloaded and registered version 1.0.3. I then downloaded these 3 scenarios onto this version and I get the same error message. I also downloaded 3 other scenarios and they work fine.



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Try creating the folders for the scenarios yourself. For example, with A Visit to the Madhouse, I have the scenario in "Blades of Avernum\Blades of Avernum Scenarios\A Visit to the Madhouse(Win)", and it works fine.


All BoA scenarios are supposed to be in their separate folders in the "Blades of Avernum Scenarios" folder, and after checking the Madhouse zip file in Tyranicus's database, at least that archive seemed to be missing the actual scenario folder.

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