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Incubus are the worst


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So I am close to finishing Avadon 3, previously completing Avadon 1 and 2 on torment difficulty. And I have never understood one type of enemies - incubus. I encountered a bunch of them near the tawon temple. This enemy, it maddens me, makes me crazy, my blood boils when I fight them and it's all simply because of one thing - they have 2 turns in one round. They are the only ones with whom I have such problems. I hated Gryffyth fight in Avadon 1 so much because of them and then I hated every encounter with them in Avadon 2.
So here is the deal - imagine 6 incubus casting area spells, imagine when they do it 2 times because they have two turns and imagine they do it 4 times because they are under the effect of haste or battle frenzy! You literally have to survive 24 area spells. It's impossible. I just don't understand - why? Why do they have 2 turns in battle? It's plainly stupid and ridiculous as if they attack in the end of one round AND then attack in the beginning of the next one etc. 
After finishing all avadon and geneforge games (which both have a much better combat system) I am just frustrated because such injustice has never been encountered before. And these crazy bastards are resistant to MAGIC, OH SO COOL to fight them with shaman in the party which you need in order to heal so much damage every round. And I also don't understand why nobody has complained about them.

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8 minutes ago, Intentionally Left Bank said:

is it specifically having 2 turns in one round, or just the total damage output between those turns?  presumably if they had 1 turn but hit twice as hard, they would be just as bad?

Actually I don't think it would matter much, but I guess if incubus had only one turn, characters could evade more attacks and so would have more chances to survive.

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