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BoE default graphics: Mac colors + errors fixed

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Some months ago I went through all the legacy Windows BoE graphics, replaced them with legacy Mac versions, and fixed a bunch of errors. The errors were mostly things like incorrect mirroring in monster graphics, stray pixels, and transparent pixels that should be opaque. The biggest changes were putting the Living Statue on the white cave floor that matches BoE caves and giving it back its missing attack graphic, and flipping a few monsters that were oriented in the wrong directions.


Here is a temporary link to the files: http://www.BladesOfExile.com/BoEGfxFix.zip I included every graphic because I can't remember exactly what I changed, but focus is on the monsters, items, and terrain.


The point of this post: Does anyone have any feedback, suggestions, or concerns about this? I plan to include these graphics with a Thrown Missiles-patched BoE copy on BladesOfExile.com at some point, once I get it all up and running.

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