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Problems in Avernum 3


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On iPad, Software bug?   Tried to resolve by rebooting, to no avail.  Have the newest version from Apple store.  Never used cheat lists.  
Problems are:


1.  Succeeded in reaching Southern Lighthouse on Bigail and tried to collect reward from mayor on Shayder.  The completed mission was not recognized and credited.

2. Found Filth Factory, but Pergatos on Neece did not give the Phoenix egg.

can you help, please?

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1. Did you actually go in the lighthouse & talk to the keeper? Check your quest list & make sure that the mayor is who you need to report back to.  There are others in Shayder that you have to report to from various quests.


2.Did you find the entrance to the FF or just the valley that it's in?  You have to get the location from the friendly cockroaches before you can actually find the FF.  Once you can actually get inside Pergatos should give you the egg.


Hopefully that helps a bit (don't have A3 on this computer so I can't check specifics).


Welcome to the chaos, we're generally weird but friendly (kinda like the GIFTS...), please leave your sanity over by the door.

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Yes, I think I talked to the lighthouse keeper.  But I will check again.


I found out about the Filth Factory from the friendly roaches, via the friendly spiders.  I didn’t know about the Phoenix egg, yet.  So I succeeded in clearing a lot of roaches, but had to escape when I couldn’t get any further.  Then I went to find Pergato, kinda late 🥺

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