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Beat Exile 3 after 23 years of playing


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Game is hard.


Until I found out that M. Blessing was resetting my Bless level to 8 and not actually increasing it. Ended up blowing through the Golems and Beasts in about 4 hours once I figured that out. My last attempt to beat the game was in 2009 and I got stuck in the Giant's Forge with a mega-gimped party. One tile Firewalk? Oh, you want me to fight THREE Efreets? Why do I have to suffer for all this just for a map that says "sekret caev wuz her"?



Can literally be a cat.



Boats need to move diagonally.

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It can be pretty grindy at that point. I had 1 or 2 strong combat characters who were blessed and hasted and defended doorways until the tide of bodies waned. But this is a tedious process. I suppose you could stock up on energy potions and supplant that with liberal use of Wall of Blades.


I also never used Avatar. Seems like a waste of spell points to me, if you have a full party of 6 characters.

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