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Geneforge Mutagen - List of Achievement/Medals


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A lot of the medals in the game are hidden and won't show up until you complete them, so I thought I'd compile them here. This contains some spoilers for the end-game.


Have to Learn Fast - Complete the Tutorial

No More Pencils - Find the Shaper Mind in the Ruined School

The Obedient - Reach Pentil

The Vengeful - Reach Kazg

The Secret - Learn about the Geneforge. There are a few ways to get this, but you'll definitely get it by the time you finish the game.

Tend Toward Justice - Join the Awakened

Your Service Is Welcomed - Join the Obeyers

Turn Traitor - Join the Takers


A New King Rises - Let Trajkov use the Geneforge

Taking the Opportunity - Use the Geneforge

Finishing What Others Started - Destroy the Geneforge (you can get this with the previous achievement as well)

Return to Terrestria - Get a good ending (basically do any of the above 3 achievements then escape the island)

Bold Escape - As above, but on Veteran or higher

Amazing Escape  - As above, but on Torment

Path of the Pacifist - Beat the game without ever making an attack (Normal difficulty or higher - eligibility can be tracked on your character page)

I Walk Alone - Beat the game without every making a creation (Normal difficulty or higher - eligibility can be tracked on your character page. This can be combined with the above achievement without too much additional difficulty.)


Traps 101 - Reach the servant mind in the Hill of Jars

The Traitor - Meet Goettsch

A Sad Tale Ends - Defeat Oroboros (Veteran or higher)

Source of the Infection - Reach the Research Core

Novice Explorer - Clear 10 zones (turn them green on the map)

Experienced Explorer - Clear 40 zones

Linguist Under Pressure - Master the Sholai Langue (I think this requires 4 total mastery. You can check how much you have in the special items section of the journal)

The Inner Crypt - Enter the Inner Crypt zone

Royal Sampler - Summon a Battle Alpha/Beta, a (Cryo)Drayk, a (Ur)Glaahk, and a Cockatrice at the same time.

Came to Get Rich - Have 5,000 coins in your inventory

History Lesson - Learn the ancient secret of Sucia Island (from the Pylon puzzle in the Spirit City)

Claim the Mines - Clear all 4 of the Mine Zones (I believe this requires waking up the mind in the Central mines and walking in one side of the mines and exiting the other).

Idle Enjoyment - Pop 50 bubbles on the start-up screen.

Promising Research - Deliver red goo to Thrackerzod (in Eastern Docks)

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