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We the colonizers (big bad spoilers)


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Ok, so while i was trying to express what i didn't like about this game i realized that I feel the way the people reacted to us the colonizers was almost nonsensical to me? Like it was clearly and naturally explained in that each region had an internal power struggle and needed our help to work with but given my understanding of colonization and how negatively it affects those involved its starting to down on me that there should have been a lot more resistance. And significantly more dislike towards us, Instead all we have is a group of people who is all but resigned to being a colony again and is more focused on how to benefit from it than kicking us out.


Maybe it's because they were hoping the nisse would be driven out by us and they would stop being tormented by all of that, but that was barely even implied. The only difference being at the end with that key or maybe they're just too used to being subjugated by bigger powers?


But like if we bring the comparison to avadon, where we are literally an agent of enforcement of authority, there is much bigger nuances both internally and externally with regard to our rule and a lot more hostility and resistance, whether its people being plain unhelpful to overtly challenging. And even in situations where they are resigned to our power they are incredibly hostile about it. I.e khemeria in avadon 1 when at the end of their story the shaman was like "we knew it would come to this because you are all a bunch of destructive rats. Now we must face the consequences of your actions. Please leave there is not reason for you to be here or for us to endure you" (im paraphrasing mostly bc of spoilers) but yes everyone had a mix of fear, bitterness, and hostility to them that guided the atmosphere of the game. And it existed in tandem with the same feeling of resignation. And they all also had their internal power struggles that could be exploited for victory but us being unwelcome was still very clear.


and on the other hand we have avernum 5 where as a surfacer, despite the crimes the war having ended around 3 generations before and a lot of people having died since then, and the diplomatic relations being in general cordial and even friendly at an official level, there is a huge amount of hostility towards you by the people, and straight petty unhelpfulness and challenges and people taking advantage of you which ends up being exploited by the loyalists even. Some are straight up homicidal levels of hostile. And they express their distaste and affirm their independence at any chance they get. At the end of the day it was "we can even be friends but don't get it twisted, it will be entirely as equals"


Like it would have been honestly realistic if there was a former vassal you had no option but to retake through violence, in that, they should still have their internal disagreements, but you could only use it to sabotage their resistance, not entirely talk your way out of. The only non violent option you'd have would be not reclaiming them. Like that would be tension and nuance and pressure worth having in the game.

Anyway bottom lines is if that one part of the game of better expressed it would have been a much better game.

Another interesting thing would be having the colonies work to help the nisse against you particularly those of the factions that disapprove of you.

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