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BoA Win - Doesn't like max stats for some reason


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Yes, I've personally seen this when I used the h4x0r editor to change my skills. It's something to do with the max limit and party level not matching up, thus it only puts down the resistances and not the skills themselves, that is, unless the skills are too high, too. A bug, but nonetheless it exists. And it's quite annoying... -_-

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This error occurs when some of your "Useful Skills" (Resistances and Item Lore) are increased beyond 200. When you go to your info/train screen, you recieve an error, and they are immediately reset to zero. Item Lore will reset as soon as you try to identify an item. In other words, they reset the first time you use them. Since resistances are active all the time, they immediately reset (except Poison Resistance, for some strange reason).


Solution: You can max out most of your stats without any problems, but you have to be careful with stats that raise your Useful Skills. Try maxing everything, then lowering Luck, Magery, and Resistance until all of your Useful Skills (besides Health and SP) are below 200 (199 is the maximum limit). You'll probably be using Kelandon's HLPM anyway, so the God items you get there will offset the lowering of those stats, increasing them well over 100, regardless of how low you have to make them to avoid the bug. Or, you can just use a normal party and play the game the way it was intended to be played. wink

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It still feels rather sloppy, when not just limit the usefull skills affected by this to 200, yet allow the skills/stats that affect them to be trained to 100 or so still?


And I doubt you can intend for people to play a game a certain way. If you don't intend people to have max skills/stats, why include the ability to raise them to such a level?

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