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Being Faithful to the Story

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Hello, this is my first post here. I've been a HUGE fan of Avernum series since my childhood and finished all six games, as well as remakes.


First of all, I apologize if there is any misunderstanding (I'm not a native English speaker)


While I was playing remakes, I came up with the question "Why don't I actually play as certain NPCs, instead of creating some random misfits?". That's why I named my characters Erin, Elsner, Gwost and Tucker while playing A2: CS. Initially I thought of playing as Kyass in A2 but, you know his horrible fate. The Empire gave him a little hope and then snatched it away, along with his own body to perform experiments on him. Probably his cronies like Evyss were killed as well. 


Anyway, I was trying to read the backstory and dialogues of every single NPC, yet the only one who would fit in my playstyle is Wendy. You know, a member of The Scimitar, the humble guard in A: EftP and the magic barrier maker in A2, who was also recruitable in the original game. It certainly fits her to work for Unspecified Services now, doesn't it? Speaking of Scimitar, I think they offed that annoying Empire envoy (Thantria) for good, so she's scratched off of my list.


I'm also thinking of including Phaedra in my party, the little girl from A2 and the legendary warrior of Bahssikava. I have doubts about it though, since her being a Surface Explorer and then returning to Avernum to join Bahssikavans, as well as getting pregnant from that idiot called Machrone doesn't suit her imho. So, she's also scratched off of my list.


Is anything about other Scimitar members like Rogow or Scab mentioned in A2? I don't remember that much. If not, if they are not killed in any way in the Empire-Avernum War, I want to include them. I also want to include the prisoner from Kothtar, Stewart. His story is that, he was freed of his imprisonment by Garzahd's Killers, joined the Unspecified Services rather involuntarily but he had no other goals in life and surface was far better than Avernum anyway.


If there is anyone who is rather unimportant or even absent in the first trilogy but gains importance in the second trilogy, I will consider adding them too.


Thanks for reading my wall of text (kinda). I hope I didn't sound stupid, I just wanted to double the fun I'm having.

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