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2nd Take of My Space Game Concept Trailer

Mike Lata

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Here is my second take of my space game concept. Note this is more just a proof of concept and a way to showcase some of my storytelling and visual or graphic design skills:


this video and developer inspired me because although he is a loon he proved that you can still find success or carbe a niche being self taught (I have a journalism ba but rest of my skills are self tsught) and without big name recognition or starting out essentislly from a garage. Sometimes all it take sis an idea or have a skill in one aspect snd the rest can come together by working with others or learning over time:


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I don't play video games, don't care about weightlifters, or hang around with neck beards, but I never realized how awesome this aspect of intranets was! It showed me so many new worlds that I never knew existed. Thank you for making me a more approachable person.







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