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I will freely admit that I was disgusted when I saw the preproduction stuff for queens wish. The graphical changes were enough to make woozy.




I will also admit that I have turned around. The gameplay feels engaging on a level that I have never felt with Avernum and in a far less repetitive (and different) way than Geneforge. There are still things I dislike (instant fort builds and workshop builds for example) but the game fixes some of the glaring issues I have had with other rpg type games - such as the 'kill everyone in the first fort' mindset in Divinity 2.


Storywise, actually being in command feels good. No longer some ragabond traveller, I have the ability to effect real change on the world and my equipment is the best that the colony is able to produce.


Jeff, you've done a masterful job. Aside from the graphics that still make me want to vomit (but to be fair they are growing on me too).

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