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bad shopping

dazed mage

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When I go to the blacksmith's shop, I can't buy any arcane weapons, even when i have enough $. I notice a little flaming sword-looking icon underneath each weapon, with a number (starting at 7).  Does that indicate some level of something I need in order to buy arcane weapons? If so, what is it? My mage with no points in melee skills can buy a regular iron short sword with a 7 on it, but not an arcane weapon. What am I missing????? Arghhhh!!!!!

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There are two things to check.  You can buy better gear as the number of the shops increases (by building them at the various forts), there is a minimum number of shops that need to be maintained to use 'x' gear effectively (so you can't go build a bunch, buy great gear, and then remove the shops).


Second on the skill training page/s, on the melee/magic page over on the right will be a note that by getting a point at 'x' level, you can now use 'y' level of gear.  As with the shops, you need to maintain those skills at that level to use the gear effectively.


(you need to build quite a few smithies even to get to the level two arcane weapons, let alone three)



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