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Full Screen misfunctioning on Exile 3


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Hi, was trying to figure out why Exile 3 isn't switching to the correct full screen.. Instead it is putting a window in the middle of the screen and the workaround is ugly (Switching to 640 reso, along with putting it on the upper left alighnment..)


I suspect it has something to do with the OS incompatibility - Running Mac OS 9.2, and I remember playing it with the correct display years ago.



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Is it literally a window with a title bar and your desktop visible around it, or a little panel in the middle of the screen with a marbled background around it? The latter is normal (for Macs, at least; don't know how it works on Windows, but that doesn't concern either of us anyway). If it's doing the former, there's something funny going on.


If your only complaint is that it isn't automatically switching resolution when you open it up, well, uh, I think there's a preference option somewhere to change that. Try opening BoE while holding Command or Option or something like that.

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