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Vothkaro and control panel issue

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Hi, I'm in the Castle of Vothkaro and I'm down by the large barrier and at the control panel which moves the traps along the stone floor. No matter what I do, I cannot enter the west room. I've moved the traps all over the place, but keep getting smoked out. I know I need to get to the little switch on the right hand wall, but even when all the traps are on the left hand side of the room, I can't enter. Help!

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Hi .... thanks for the prompt reply.  I've figured out how the boxes move (finally!) and I've tried every possible path to every possible section of the wall, including the back left corner, back right (where there's a crack in the wall), left (there's a small window)... but nothing happens! Am I missing something here?  And is it possible to keep this quest pending and do it later?

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Just set the 'boxes' so that there is a path from the door over to the crack (move mountains to gain entry or push the secret switch to drop a different section of the wall)


Jeff mentioned something about making it possible to go away & come back later in one of the patches... which one I don't know & it may not be in your version (unless you're playing on the latest (#2 I think)) so take advice on leaving with a grain of salt.

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