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G1: What's with the Protagonist?


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Okay, so the title isn't clear, so allow me to elaborate: replaying Geneforge 1, I became reacquainted with the protagonist's backstory during the prologue. Basically, after a series of tests, s/he is accepted into the Shaper fold, and is drayk-bound to the nearest outpost to meet their mentor (ala Shanti from G2). Now, knowing this information, along with the fact that in G3 you are apparently expected to apprentice under a full Shaper upon graduating from the Greenwood school, my question is: where does the protagonist fit in this timeline? They know what schools are, and seem to know what goes on in one, so it could be concluded that they are a graduate. But if that was the case, then why don't they know any magic or Shaping, like the G3 protagonist, who hadn't graduated by the time the game begins?

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G1's intro does speak of apprenticeship, but it describes it as spending five years at a remote outpost learning and helping. So apprentice in the broad sense of student or learner, but not necessarily in the sense of having a specific master with whom one travels and learns (a la Shanti). Taking G1/2/3 together, I get the impression that one must engage in years of study (possibly at the elementary to high school age range? and perhaps only feasible if your family is rich or has a rich patron?) to get accepted to become a Shaper (or perhaps the Shapers operate the equivalent of elementary schools for purpose of identifying promising prospects?). That's what the G1 PC has just done. Then one goes off to a shaper school for several years of study and training under actual Shapers (that's what the G1 PC was on the way to do / what the G3 PC was in the middle of doing). Then one is assigned to a master (such as Shanti) for field training (as was the G2 PC) becoming a full-fledged Shaper. That would position the G2 PC as the most advanced of all Geneforge PCs in terms of progression toward becoming a full Shaper.


Just my #2cents.

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