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Silent Shinobi

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Salutations fellow BOErs!!


I have recently decided to make publicly available several custom BOE graphics that I made which I have been hording to myself all these years. Alas, I have just about given up on finding the time to make my own scenarios, but I figure some scenario designer out there might be able to make use of the graphics I made for them.


You see, I was introduced to the exile series when I was a much younger lad, just about the time my family have bought our brand spanking new macintosh performa. Of course, in those days, there were just about no games worth playing on the mac (some would argue that this is still true). Then I discovered, browsing the net, a fascinating game called Exile: Escape from the pit. Unfortunatly, I was young, and was therefore very disappointed at the "sucky graphics". However, since it was the only game to play (other than "Realmz," yuk!) I eventually gave it another chance. But one thing was for certain, the graphics had to change, even if I had to do it myself...


So with my trusty copy of Clarisworks 4.0 and Resedit, I set about altering the core graphics of Exile. Initially, I just added some extra shading, but as time wore on I actually learned how to add quite a bit of detail, and even make my own original graphics. When blades came out, I was of course thrilled, and many scenario ideas which involved completely replacing the curret blades graphics library, filled my head. These projects were so large that I never finished them. But I had finished many of the graphics, which I now humbly offer the BOE community.


Here is a webpage I have set up for storing these graphics. I have begun by posting the graphics which, IMHO, are some of my best, most complete work. Please give credit to Silent Shinobi if used. As I dredge up more graphics on my hard drive, I will post more stuff, so check the site once and awhile.


Oh, and my sincere apologies to anyone who thinks Realmz is a good game. Well, its not THAT bad...

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