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After a year, or so, playing the Scenarios, I've been trying the Editor in the hopes of better understanding how the "innards" of these Scenarios work.

I made a "hard copy" of the "help" file and have been following it as I do the samples. I ran into a conflicting terminology, though.

The File refers to Stuff Done 1 and Stuff Done 2. The "window" for the Node shows Stuff Done A and Stuff Done B. I suppose it's just terminology.

I checked the File and it says I have Version 1.0.3.

Is this the most recent version?

Are terminology differences like this normal with the Editor?

I confuse easily enough on my own, so this looks like it's gonna be some fun, eh? frown


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Like most things, the only way to truly learn is to do. I've read and read but most of what's there is really just data. The more you read, the more confusing it gets, even the Q&A lists

I don't think I'd ever be an Author. The number of really good Scenarios is far more than I'll be able to play for years to come.

I don't play the Games as an Adventurer, but more of a Treasure hunter. Sometimes the "Monster" isn't a "Monster", but rather a source of information in a game, so I don't attack it, (them), unless I'm attacked first.

I'm not looking at how I can make the Editor do something, but rather how the Editor does things.

I guess you'd say that I'm more the Maintenance Mechanic than the Machine Operator. So, rather than just learning a few basics, like learning to put trees in an Outdoor Section, I'm trying to understand the whole scope of the Editor at once, so I'll be able to use the appropriate section to disassemble Scenarios and find the "Treasures" within them.

I'm looking for the puzzles within the puzzles, or the game within the game.

Since the Editor is so involved, the littlest flaw, like terminology, makes the whole thing confusing. By trying to learn it all at once, I'm just making it harder.

Guess I'll go back to installing trees and specials, then examine the Node window to see what I did.

Thanks for verifying that I had the latest version and that the terminology was actually the Editor and not something I didn't understand.

me smile

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