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Similar to a previous topic, I was interested in other people's favourite bits of writing by Jeff, preferably written out here for the rest of us to read. I am at present tired, so I will post just this snippet for now but later return with more.


Litalia - "The Trakovites may be right. They may be wise, and virtuous, and ahead of their time. But history teaches us that those blessed with that sort of madness tend to end up dead. Proven right, but dead."

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Nethergate has a few line of dialogues which are really great, Avernum tends to have very funny snippets of dialog, and the overall geneforge/avernum series tends to be spot on the way people experience racism (in other terms how one is racist and how one suffers it).

Then per say, I'm not sure if it's the dialog or the explored themes which make Jeff's game unique, or due to the fact he's so well read.

No wonder he's the first successful generation of independent indies to have made it through.

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