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Monsters Calling Specials


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I have been playing around, and I have figured out how to give the ability of a monster type to call a scenario special node during its combat turn. This works sort of like START_STATE in BoA. I put it in the same place as radiating fields and summoning monsters.


This modification is to combat.c


I need to add more nodes to facilite better handling of this, but it should improve what people can do with their monster types. Comments?

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It's possible, albeit more difficult to implement as it is on a "monster type" level, not an individual monster level. I was going to call town, but then because monster types can be spread across multiple towns (outdoor combat?), it could yield some very weird results if the designer is not very careful.


I would like to make this on the individual monster level, but the source code is set in such a way to make this somewhat difficult. An additional concern is that the BoE Editor code/resource will need to be modified to put an additional field or something of the sort. This specific menu is also quite "full" and requires manipulation of resources that I'm not sure how to do yet.


So while I can look into it, I think there are other more immediate things that I can implement in the short term.

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The monster record is a global/scenario wide thing. I feel it appropriate, as a matter of consistency, to make the calls associated with it be global as well. While there is no reason town nodes cannot be accessible, it feels inconsistent from a structural level to do so.


If we want town based calls, the correct way to do this is to edit the individual monster menu, specifically the advanced calls. Again, this comes down to editing resources. If you or anyone else can figure this out, I'd be willing to code it up in a heartbeat.

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