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major glitch in ac3, shyguy please help


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when i get to kunlatass hideout to rescue the slith ambassodor the game freezes when i go in a certain door

(if i could work out how to paste a screen print i would show you where i am)

I'ts past the trap where the archers shoot you, past the 1st door you open after that, its the second one you enter


Sorry i know this is very vauge but my computer will not paste here from a screen dump

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Mine did this a few times actually, at different points in the game. Not sure what exactly the problem is. It seemed to help me though if I went back to a slightly older saved file, or exiting the town and re-entering. It also works if you hit a "change level" node, buy going upstairs or down, but I dont think you can do it in this dungeon.

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