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Recommended Scenarios?


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Here's a list of scenarios as ranked by the reviews they've gotten. Click on each scenario's link to find more details about it, like length and difficulty. All that is in the first post; you don't have to read the actual reviews if you want to be sure to avoid spoilers (though most people hide them).


What you want to play may also depend on what level party you have. Assuming you've just finished all of Jeff's scenarios, Bahssikava is a logical next step, but it's huge, so it's kind of a commitment. Also fairly difficult. Magus of Cattalon is another good size scenario, very much in the Vogel style, suitable for high-level parties. Dilecia is another...


Okay, actually there are so many good scenarios that you're going to have to narrow down your parameters if I'm going to have anything useful to say. I'll just say that Quarhag Pass and The Sorcerer's Apprentice and A Defiant Land are a few that really should be rescued from the unrated list. (I write this knowing full well that I haven't done my share of rating. :blush: )


Oh, and you really should get the High Level Party Maker. Even if you never use it to make a party, the shopping is excellent.


Anyway, good luck.

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