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G2 Lost items?? Any item editor?

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I made and Infiltrator's Ring, left it in my pack, played for a few hours, saved and turned off my game, when I came back, it was gone. Also, I used one perfect glaahk scale, and I lost the other one so I can't make the emerald chestguard. This is upsetting. I've checked everywhere and every shop and I can't find these two items I had. Is there an item editor or a trainer? I know this game is pretty ancient but I can't find help anywhere else and this hasn't happened to me ever. I really want to make the chestguard.

Thank you for any help.


Also, excuse my name. Didn't know I had a forum account. Must've made it when I was 11.

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In all likelihood you either dropped it in a region that has like 200+ items on it, or you dropped it behind a tree/wall or something so that it's no longer visible. So ctrl + G everywhere. If that fails, then you can try to edit the Gforscen txt file under Scripts.


Look up the number for "infiltrator's ring", then change the "get item number" number to that of the infiltrator's ring, for a monster you are about to fight, and up the "get item chance" to 100.

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Where is the "get item number" and "chance"?

This is what I see.


begindefineitem 301;

import = 170;

it_name = "Infiltrator's Ring";

it_value = 5000;

it_stats_to_affect 0 = 1;

it_stats_addition 0 = 2;

it_stats_to_affect 1 = 20;

it_stats_addition 1 = 3;

it_stats_to_affect 2 = 21;

it_stats_addition 2 = 3;

it_stats_to_affect 3 = 22;

it_stats_addition 3 = 3;

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Item 301 is the number for the ring.


In order to turn it into an enemy drop, then go to a nearby area with a hostile enemy that you haven't killed yet, preferrably one that is not in a group, or of which only a single specimen exists in the zone. Make a mental note of that enemy. Now exit the game.



Note that you may want to create a second copy of the file in Documents or some other non-system file folder, as sometimes saving or overwriting a file in Program Files can turn the file invisible.


Anyhow, open that second copy of Gforscen txt in Notepad+ or some similar text reading app other than Notepad.


Now, Ctrl + F, and type the name of that monster into the search.

If there are no "get item number" :"or get item chance" entries for that enemy, then paste this ONE ROW below the first paragraph of information (likely to end with something like "sound when slain", "default script", "default strategy", or "graphic coloradj")


cr_start_item 0 = 301;

cr_start_item_chance 0 = 100;



IMPORTANT: Make sure that there is one space/row that separates the "get item/item chance" from the stuff above and below.

For example (I am using an Avernum 6 entry as an example because that is the file I have open at the moment)


begindefinecreature 10;

import = 9;

cr_name = "Townsman";

cr_graphic_template = 81;

cr_max_health = 25;

cr_base_level = 3;

cr_default_attitude = 2;

cr_sound_when_slain = 127;


cr_start_item 0 = 2;

cr_start_item_chance 0 = 40;

cr_start_item 1 = 61;

cr_start_item_chance 1 = 40;


cr_abil_num 0 = 0; // punch attack

cr_abil_step_of_launch 0 = 3;


Notice that an empty space/line/row separates the item drop information from the data above it ("sound when slain") and another separates the ability data below it. Make sure those spaces are there.


Once you have done this, save the file. Now exit Notepad+ or whatever, and move the Gforscen txt file back into the Geneforge 2 folder.


Fire up Geneforge 2. Enter the zone where the enemy that you want to kill is (if you saved your game in this zone, then you need to leave and return. Otherwise, the information on that enemy's item drops will be the same as it was when you saved the game, before you changed the text file)


Kill the monster. It WILL drop the ring (we gave it a 100% drop rate)

Save your game, then exit Geneforge 2.


Now, move your Gforscen txt backup file to the Geneforge 2 scripts folder.

You're done!


I realize that this may look daunting, but it's a lot easier than it sounds.


On a similar note, at some point I hope to make a thread guide/how-to to editing the script.

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