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A2 Graphics Mod

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Before playing A2:CS, I'm giving the original a shot. I like it a lot but I was a bit annoyed by some old graphics, so I changed some. Many new graphics come from A2:CS, mostly recoloured and modified to fit the original ones. Mainly:


- Interface (a bit cleaner and smoother), Avernum 2 logo on top redone

- Intro & main menu screens, plus chapters

- Some floor tiles (lava & some paved floors)

- Trees and mushrooms

- A green table


A warning: use only if you don't run A2 in 256 colours, or it may look weird


Downloads (extract in your A2 folder and overwrite, make a backup copy of the original folder if you want to revert changes later):


Full (with new tiles)

Interface only (only interface elements and menu screens)



Screenshots and comparisons:





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