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IDEA: The Pearl Contest

Ash Lael

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Concept: We give the designers a single concept or idea that they must incorporate into their scenario. They can create the rest around it, much like a pearl.


E.g. A death is blamed on you.


Now, depending on context, this allows for a great variety of adventures. Also, we get to see how different designers approach the same premise. In the above example, we do not specify who or what died, why, whether the player is in fact guilty, or even if anything actually died. One designer could make a scenario where a man disappears, and the player is accused of murdering him. You have to escape the authorities and find the man to prove your innocence. Another could make a scenario where you lead an expedition into unexplored territory with a number of companions. But when one of them dies the team begins to fracture apart as some of them blame you for the accident. As long as it's an integral part of the plot, anything goes.


This contest is to be open to both BoA and BoE scenarios.


Judging will be done by discussion. Scenarios will be evaluated according to their quality, and to a lesser extent, how original the approach to the basic premise is.


Whatcha all think?

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