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Customizing hot keys, for dialog buttons

Ishad Nha

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Accelerator keys, hot keys, for dialog buttons are found from places 603,456 thru 603,605 of the game program. What the keys stand for is set out in the table “button_strs[150]” found on line 108 of the Spiderweb source file “dlogtool.cpp”. Thus it is possible to customize the keyboard assignments for all dialog buttons. In practice there could be a crash if the same hot key was used for different options occuring in the same dialog box.


I will be inserting “b” in place 603,514 for "Bash Door" and “p” in place 603,515 for "Pick Lock".


As for dialog, all options are already covered by appropriate hot keys.


Edit: here I am talking about the Windows version of the open source Blades of Exile program.

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