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Do you have a conscience?

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So, I played Geneforge 2 a long time ago but I never played 1. Now I have the full series, I have a question for you all. How do you play your game and what faction, if any did you join? If you didn't join a faction, did you make it to the end of the game but on your way to the final before the story of that "episode" ended, did you go back on a killing spree?


I remember in Geneforge 2 when I played it, I talked to people using the options I found were most fair. I mostly stayed neutral or as neutral as possible. When I got to the end and went back to the shaper council, I had played in such a way where I was fair, but I also made sure everyone attoned for their crimes. Unfortunately, if it meant killing them, then so be it.


So how did you play through the series?

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