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Avernum 2 HD For iPad Canceled


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There is currently a serious bug in the newly-released Avernum 2 HD for the iPad. For some reason, the game is having trouble registering touches on parts of the screen. Rotating the screen can return functionality temporarily, but the game is pretty messed up.


It seems that what happened is that the game worked correctly on iOS 8.2. However, it is broken on iOS 8.3, which came out while the game was in Apple certification. Now that we know the problem is there and we can reproduce it, we will hopefully track down the bug and get a fixed version to Apple very soon.


We are very sorry for this problem, and we ask for your patience while we try to fix this mess. We hope to have better news soon. Watch this space for updates.


EDIT (4/16/15) - Avernum 2: Crystal Souls HD has been cancelled. To learn more about why, go here ...




Fortunately, we were about to remove Avernum 2 HD from sale before that many people bought the game. If you bought the game and are using iOS 8.2 or earlier, the game should work correctly. Otherwise, contact us at support@spiderwebsoftware.com for a replacement game or refund.


- Jeff Vogel

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