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redwall questions

D Pliss

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Well to start off I was wanting to know if those three quests is all you do. but I suppose i'll find out after I do the quests, and about them. Methesula and Friar Hugo's quests seem to have bugs. Espesially Hugo's. Is there a sertain thing you have to do after you get the ingrediance. Or is it a bug that the ovens don't work?

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The feast starts when your duties are finished.


There are four things you need to do but only three are chores. I thought I had the food say you had too many ingredients when you picked up more then two. I'll check it. In the meantime, look for the recipe book, it'll help.


The scroll task was designed to be gotten wrong if done too quickly. Take a closer look at ones right on the edge.


The Abbot has gone to attend to other duties until the feast starts.

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Ok, first you talk to the Abbot and tell him the 'Churchmouse' Family could use some leftovers, then keep talking until you've agreed to give them a ride home in the haycart.


Then you ask Constance to pull the 'haycart', you ask Mr. Churchmouse if they will accept the ride on the 'haycart', and you ask Cornflower if she would like to join you in the 'haycart' since she lives that way anyway.


When you have done these four triggers, you stretch your legs by moving out of your chair and back into it. Hugo will have the fish you caught brought out and you can just enjoy the rest of the ride.

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