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Non-Stunning Blow Stun Mechanics? (G1~3)

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I can't find anything on them here or on Gamefaqs (did a full search on this board, full search on the Geneforge faqs, and a 2/3rds-assed (1/3rd-assed? More complete than half-assed) search on the Avernum 2nd Trilogy board. What are the mechanics for stunning from regular melee/missile attacks and spells - Icy Spray? Note that I am not interested in stun resistance mechanics, merely the base rates/rates per level of stunning. I am specifically looking for the G2 and 3 mechanics-- I am uninterested in the nerfed G5 ones for now.


Another thing-- Icy Spray has a 70% chance of stun. Is this cumulative with general stun rules, or is it a flat 70%?


Same with Stunning Blade-- it has a 1d3 base + 1d2 per level chance of inflicting stun. Is this cumulative with the general melee stunning rates/mechanics, or does it replace them?

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Yeah, we never really figured that stuff out. It does seem that the chance of landing a stun with a regular attack correlates positively with both total damage done and levels of damage in the attack (which obviously correlate too closely themselves to really sort out).


I'd guess the chance is cumulative (with a separate roll) for attacks that specifically stun.


Also, I believe the numbers you list for Stunning Blade are the maximum levels of stun it can inflict, and not its chance to stun, which seems to be higher than that for weak attacks and lower than that for strong ones (i.e., probably constant). (That is also how the identical attack works in later games.)

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I see. That is a LOT of stun levels, sheesh! So how do levels of stun inflicted compare with stun resistance, then? (note: I know that any enemy resistance at 100% means literally 100% of damage/chance resistance + a small random modifier-- possibly of 1d-whatever the additional level modifier is -1 or 2-- like say, icy spray would inflict 1d5 -1 or -2 dmg... or maybe even -3... That is what I've experienced, anyhow. Though with mental resistance the chance to daze/confuse/etc is completely nullified I think against anything with 100% courage, as well as any creature of the mindless type i.e. creature type 3 which is turrets/spinecores and shades.)


Also, when you say "probably constant", what do you mean exactly? Constant as in a flat bonus independent of weapon/skill level/damage inflicted, or constant as in same throughout the games?

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Constant as in a flat chance.


Around the same time the stun mechanics changed, the poison/acid mechanics also changed, capping the damage poison/acid could do each round. Previously it was possible to stack up lots and lots of poison and acid levels, although IIRC there was a diminishing returns effect, i.e., stacking the first 10 levels of acid would do more damage than stacking the next 10, which would wear off more quickly. It's likely something similar was at work with stun levels, where the amount of levels you recovered from each round was partly proportional to the total levels you had.

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