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Tarl Kudrick's Scenario Passwords

Silent Motion

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On Sat, 1 Jan 2000, Tarl wrote:

I'm not going to release my scenarios without passwords, because I'm too lazy for that. But I'll give away my



If you mess with something and it no longer works, you're on your own. Also know that studying scenarios from the editor is of less value than you might think. Huge series of linked specials are almost uninterpretable.


I've got a notebook with about forty pages of notes on

Tatterdemalion, and even that might not do it. Most of it is written in a personal sort of shorthand that's a cross between my worst handwriting and a bunch of homemade abbreviations.


In the meantime, the passwords:


"Islands of the Wheel": 23457 (best hand in deuce-to-seven lowball)


Tatterdemalion": akqj10 (as a royal flush, best hand in most forms of poker)


Yes, I do play poker, and rather well! Enjoy the scenarios,


--Tarl Roger Kudrick

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I've written a 27 page "Walkthrough" for Tatterdemalion that includes three "screenshot" *.bmp pictures for the Avian castle in each of the three scenarios, including Outcastle and The Well.

I've forwarded it to Traci.

She said that, as it is, it's too large to post. However, she does have the 4 page list of "Locations" for posting.

I'll send either to anyone who asks for them.

Now that these passwords are available, I'll add them to the "Notes" at the beginning of my "Novel". (Guess I have to play Island, now, eh?)

Further, I'd like to send it out to anyone who might give me a "critique" on it. Despite it's size, with a little "tweaking" it may be a good reference for you guys who are moderating these boards.

The 27 page "Novel" is only 217k in it's zipped form, so it's not going to take up any more space than a small to medium scenario.

All I'd ask is some response as to the "quality-?" of the thing, from you guys who have the real talents, so I can learn to make something like this more effective.

Oh, and, uh, Silent Motion: Thank You.


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Sorry I misunderstood.

I presume you "decolorized" the catagories in the "Locations" file, eh?

It seems to me that, one way, or another, those who really want to find answers when they're stuck in one of the scenarios, will.

If one wants to play through, straight, they will, that.

But, with the random loss of writers who've left behind a decent scenario, It seems a shame that hints, much less, the actual answers aren't available in a reasonable manner.

With the Passwords now available, I entered it under the Title in the Tatterdemalion Walkthrough.

If you want the edited version, it only takes a minute to send.

Once again, thanks a bunch for all that you've done for the BoE world.


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