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General Tech Support. Have a problem? READ THIS FIRST!!!


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Are you having a problem with a Spiderweb Software game? First off, we're very sorry to hear that. We hope we can do what it takes to get your game up and running.


Second, the problem might not be a bug in the game. There are a lot of things that can cause glitches. Corrupted files. Bad drivers. Gremlins. Over the years, we have found that the steps below can help to fix the majority of weird problems people had. We suggest trying these steps before posting ...


i. Restart your machine and try the game again. Run the game when no other applications are running. A lot of glitches and crashes are one-time things and don't happen again.


ii. Sometimes, game files can become corrupted. Try uninstalling, redownloading the newest version (from our site or wherever you bought the game from) and reinstalling the game. This fixes a surprising number of odd problems. Be sure not to skip uninstalling!


iii. Your graphics card driver files might be out of date or damaged. Get the latest versions of your video card drivers and reinstall them. Even if you are currently running the newest version, the files or settings might be corrupted and reinstalling might help. This is especially important for users of Windows 7 and 8, as device driver problems have been common on this version of the operating system.


(Once, this advice applied to Windows users only. These days, reinstalling video card drivers can sometimes help the Mac users too. Go into System Update and see if there are any updates uninstalled.)


iv. Check the support page for the game in question. Select "Our Games" to the left. Then select the game you are having a problem with. On the game page, push the "Support and Updates" button. Your problem might be a common one.


Please let us know if these steps don't help. When you post, be sure to provide the following information ...


1. What is the name of the game?

2. What version? (Hopefully you've upgraded to the newest one.)

3. What platform? Windows? Mac?


Thank you, and good luck!


- Jeff Vogel

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