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Tatterdemalion help, please


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Hi, all. I was just posting to ask a question about tatterdemalion. I am stuck at the part when you need to go to the desert, but I can't find out how to get there. I have talked to everyone in all three cities, and I am still stuck. I'm a bodyguard, if that helps. Anyone have the way out? I had trouble finding tarl's email address to get the hint file. thanks.

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Good Morning;

First, If you're new to these games, there are numerous sites that have information regarding scenarios.

Not the least is True Site for Blades. Traci has a VERY large list of Walk Throughs for scenarios and it's probably the most complete you're going to find.

At that site, you could go to the Walk Through for Tatterdemalion, then download it for reference throughout the Trilogy.

I'm sure you realize that it would be a TOTAL spoiler, though.

As to the immediate problem:

You must do certain things in most scenarios to make the next events happen. In this case, you must have done the "Outcastle" affair, and, I believe, the "Giant Ogres Cave".

Once these are done, you return to the Grove and talk to Verena. Then go to Opelka and talk to Dothar. He will go into a "meditative" state and cause a Fissure to appear in the mountains @ O-023, 167. (It won't be there until you've done the preliminary work - deliberate programming.)

If you save the address for all the Walk Throughs, you should get past a LOT of the games on your own.

Good Luck and Happy Adventuring,


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