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The Great Conclusion

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I have (like many other Spiderwebbers) weather or not to buy BoA. I am loyal to the BoE engine and have been worried about BoE being outdated and forgotten. However, I have come to a conclusion: to buy BoA for playing scenarios only, not for making them. And use BoE for making scenarios and playing them. It is my understanding the BoA engine is much harder to use, and I have trouble using the BoE editor as it is. What do you all think of this?


(I am thinking that this has already been thought, and if so, let me know, and I'll lock this.)

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Originally written by burglar ben:
You can always alternate your scenarios between BoE and BoA.
Totally false.

You can transfer a BoE scenario into a BoA one with an unusually large amount of work to the extent that it's unreasonably difficult and worthless anyway, whereas going the other way is impossible.
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