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Tell us about yourself


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1. What is your age? (Be approximate, if you'd like) Late 30s.


2. What part of the world do you live in? In which part of the world were you born? What countries have you lived in? Born in the United States (mid-west), always lived in the United States (various regions), still live in the United States (west coast). May move to France at some point (wife's family lives there).


3. What is your native language? In what languages are you proficient? English, and enough French to get by.


4. Describe your ancestry. A mixed bag, but more German than anything else.


5. Describe your gender identity and sexual orientation. Hetero male.


6. Do you have any religious or spiritual beliefs? If so, describe them. In what religious tradition(s) were you raised, if any? Not really...


7. What is your relationship status? Do you have any children? Married with children (but I'm not Al Bundy)


8. Describe your social class. Have you always been in this class? Upper middle class.


9. Have you ever served in the military? If so, what division? No.


10. What is your occupation (or former occupation)? What is your highest level of education (and your degree, if applicable)? I work in Software. Highest education level is a PhD, which I just finished this year - finishing my thesis and starting a new job is my excuse for my lack of posting on these boards recently.

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