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Affect PC nodes affect monsters


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It is now possible to target monsters with some of the affect PC nodes. The nodes allowing this are: kill, poison, slow/haste, web, curse/bless, disease, dumbfound, sleep, and paralyze. To trigger this, set space ex2a to the monster ID number.


Note that there is still a bug with monsters with special triggers upon death killed during node execution. A queue of sorts will be needed to fix this. Also, I still need to add some text fields for the positive effects upon monsters, Jeff only did ones for the negative ones.



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Originally written by Octavo:
I am having visions of a monster type that, on its death, creates two more of its kind and then kills them. Does the current loop protection guard against this, since they're not in the same chain?
Infinite loops are possible as with any other sequence of nodes. It is the designer's responsibility to ensure these do not happen. The developers (me in this case) have provided an interrupt feature in the case of this to help out designers.
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