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Has Enough of Species?


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It is now possible to test whether or not the party has a given number of PCs is human, nephil, or slith. The "Have Cave Lore?" node has been changed to a "Has Enough of Species?" node.


The only function modified was specials.c and run_ifthen_special. Note that the number is capped at the party size. Such that if the party has a size of 4, the designer can only demand a maximum of 4 of that species. If more are requested, the amount needed is set to 4.


Specifics of the node:


ex1a: Which Species (0 - Human, 1 - Nephil, 2 - Slith, -1 defaults to regular Have Cave Lore? check to preserve compatability)

ex1b: Special to jump to if met

ex2a: How many party members need species?

ex2b: Unused



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An interesting addition which adds a bit of reality (which already exists in Avernum as well)... but one suggestion to make it even better:

As much as I know, a "Has Woodlore?" -node exists as well, just make it so it's called "Has Lore?" and make it so with 0 it checks for Cave Lore, 1 is used for Woodslore.


Much better than leaving rests of this old node stay where they don't belong anymore...


Edit: Just read your second change. The probably best change now would to just change the "Has Trait?" so you either enter a normal number to check for Wood-/Cave Lore (Due to the only 15 traits, shouldn't be too hard but more logical and easier) or use an unused field to enter 0 or 1 to check for Wood-/Cave Lore. (Second would be maybe an option as well, due to these traits being probably checked most of the time)

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