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The only one that immediately comes to my mind (granted, in the grand-high scheme of things, that doesn't amount to much) is the Encyclopedia Ermariana.

Kel's and Drakey's sites may have some information as well.



The Silent Assassin just discovered how to create a warp field...

That's the last time I let him drive my car.

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The Archives of Akhronath are still up, and has a brief history of Exile 1-3 at:




EE is by far the best source to go to if you're looking for details, but big-picture overviews are unfortunately lacking.

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Actually, EE is much better about that now. Last month I labelled pretty much everything that is not based directly on the games as apocryphal, with a box at the top of the entry warning of it.


Now, the vast majority of the pages are based only on game canon, and anything that isn't is clearly labelled.

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