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Gah, I can't finish a single scenario without asking for help, I think.


I've now set the table for the feast, and I think I'm also supposed to make some food for the feast. I can't find the recipe book, and I can't tell if I even really have to be doing this.


I'm lost. What am I actually supposed to be doing in this scenario?

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You're right on track.


The recipe book is in the cellar behind the stairs and a secret door.


There are four tasks to complete to move forward and one sidequest that isn't essential.






I should probably get to writing a walkthrough for it, huh? Shame on me for not having one done already.

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For fishing you talk to Brother Alf north of the pond until he lets you use his fishing gear.


For scrolls you talk to Methusela (I don't think I spelled that right). He is in a room just north of the west gate. Fair warning, it was designed to trick you first time through.


They're pretty much right next to each other and there are only 3.3 towns to explore...

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